Jul 22, 2008

Making Gainclone PCB at Home.

Since single unit of gainclone amplifier is quite small, its quite easy to build its PCB by Laser toner transfer method. I myself had made around 15-20 PCBs for Lm3886, 4780 and for filters.

A lot of material is available online for making PCBs, so i won't go in details
but like to share on certain things I found from experiance:-

1. Laser Printer should be used at Best Quality mode at Bond paper setting.
2. Cut the Copper board (blank PCB) to correct size of desired PCB.

3. Get the laser print on transparency sheet or a Glossy paper and put the sheet on copper board, Ensure that
transparency sheet should be bigger than the copper board around 2 cms from all sides. (This is a key point in getting un-distorted track transfer on copper board).

4. Keep 5 layers of newspaper on a flat board, put copper board, put the transpancy sheet, again keep 5 sheets of newspaper. Put hot clothes iron (full temp) on top with a little pressure for 2 minutes+ . (some smoke may come from newspaper,don't worry)

5. Let it cool for a minute and then peel off the transparency sheet slowly
from board. The tracks may break at some points as the toner never always get stick fully to copper plate. Use a fine permanent marker to complete the broken tracks. The permanent marker usually stays if the etching time is not too long, so use a strong etching solution.


CC Dharmani said...

good, man!! nice designs!!

Anonymous said...

Stellar LM3886 servo driven high-performance amplifier, layout + gerber files included.
Download link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5uy95u
Happy constructing!