Jul 27, 2008

Make@home PCB drill.

A simple PCB drill can be made using taperecorder motor. The shaft of an old motor can be grinded using a file to form a drill bit as shown in figure. Shaft has to be grinded to form this shape.

Using a small ball-point pen refill as coupling, join the motor and this drill bit. And ur portable PCB drill is ready.

The tool point may need sharpning after drilling a number of holes. And it produces a decent quality hole. The dia of holes very much depends upon the dia of tool, which can be adjusted by repeat grinding.


Karnuvap said...

If you are going to use a coupling anyway then why not couple an actual drill bit to the shaft of your motor?

sales said...

GREAT Idea!!

Much better than those egg-beater mini drills..

Kuldeep said...


i tried that, but the 0.8 mm drill didn't had thick end for holding..it used to slip, so i use this only..

Cool boy said...

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