May 27, 2012

LM1875 PCB / TDA2050 PCB

This PCB is designed both for LM1875 IC or TDA2050 IC. Since both the chips has similar pin configurations, so i taken that advantage to make an optimized PCB. 

May 16, 2012

My best LM3886 PCB

This is my best LM3886 PCB. After numerous layouts i felt satisfied with this final layout. 

Made this compact PCB layout for LM3886 audio amplifier. I kept it single layer due to cost economy. The audio input and feedback network is clubbed in one area with separate grounding resistor. I have not used input capacitor in PCB, though an external input capacitor can be employed if some DC offset is noticed in audio input.

And I am very happy to receive the PCBs, its kind of a small dream come true. Its been 4 years since i got my first samples of LM3886 and i was satisfied with home made PCBs, but recently i got some free time to learn PCB software (eagle) and it helped me to fine tune  LM3886 PCB. Will upload the finished PCB and audio testing shortly.

May 7, 2012

LM4780 PCB - Jazz 4780 v1.0

Jazz 4780 - LM4780 based Amplifier

(Skeleton model of PCB)

LM3886 PCB - Jazz 3886 v2.1

Dual layer LM3886 PCB. 

May 4, 2012

Dual layer LM3886 PCB, Jazz 3886 V2

This is my latest offering of Double sided LM3886 PCB. 

Jazz3886 v2.

Apr 30, 2012

Stereo lm1875 / TDA2050 Amp PCB with Power supply

Shortly to launch single PCB for dual LM1875 / TDA2050 Audio amp with on board Power supply.

Apr 14, 2012

LM3886 finished modules

Just finished populating 2 PCBs and Amp is running :)
Powerful sound as if the Speaker is a slave to LM3886

~ Made in India ~

Mar 21, 2012

DIY LM3886 PCB in India. 

Jazz 3886 - LM3886 Based Amplifier

PCB Available for Rs. 150/- per piece. (add 25/- for Shipping, only in India)

Shortly coming PCB and kits for :.
 - Jazz 2050 - TDA2050 based Amplifier
 - Jazz 4780 - LM4780 based Amplifier