May 7, 2012

LM4780 PCB - Jazz 4780 v1.0

Jazz 4780 - LM4780 based Amplifier

(Skeleton model of PCB)


Frank Collins ( said...

Interesting size. The board I have just designed and sent off for manufacture is a bit bigger; 75 mm long and 50 mm wide and it is parallel configuration.. That way, I can use them side by side on a 300 long heatsink; two bridged for woofer, two bridged for midrange and one for tweeter

Kuldeep said...

Hi, i designed for basic stereo operation.
As you have mentioned for parallel operation in mind, normally the PCB design will of the size u mentioned as you will have big output resistors for paralleling the outputs.

pcb said...

Nice design,Its layout is just superb..

Flex Circuits said...

beautiful works and very inspiring too!!!

Audio Amps DIY said...
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