Oct 25, 2008

Lm4780 Single Sided PCB v3

"A PCB can always be improved" is the thing i learned when i further modify my existing freezed single layer PCb for lm4780.
It has only 4 jumpers. 1 in +V, 2 in ground supply and 1 in mute circuit.

Rin1, Rin2 and RGnd will come on track side. And Ground connections for speakers will be taken from power supply board.

PCB - PCB layout
Parts layout - Parts layout


e_cag said...


Probably you already know that there are not many single-sided pcb's for LM4780 on the net. Could you provide me with the file of the pcb, so i may improve it a bit and use for myself?

Kuldeep said...

i can send u pdf file or in autocad format. give me ur email

Unknown said...

Hi kuldeep,
which schematic is the pcb based on?Fig.1 of 4780.pdf?Have u done any mods?
I have this chip and would like to try out yr. pcb (am an amateur-have only made p3a amp).
Ed from Goa
PS.u should offer things for sale!!(bmaamba@gmail.com)

Kuldeep said...

Sorry for such a late reply, i have uploaded the schematic and PCB layout.

Shortly i am also going to make professional PCBs for DIYers.